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Lumding Sitalabari

Shitala, Goddess of Smallpox and Pestilence. Shitala is a popular India deity, widely worshipped in rural areas of “Bengal” as the goddess of smallpox and pestilence.. Folk people believed that worship of Shitala could stave off diseases like pox; and her worship during an outbreak could reduce the severity of the disease.

Lumding is basically a Railway Township and Divisional Headquarter of Northeast Frontier Railway. Previously this part was under Assam Bengal Railway (ABR) and after independence it came under North Eastern Railway headquartered at Gorakhpur. In 1958 N.F. Railway was formed and Head quarter was shifted to Maligaon. During the ABR regime the HQ was Chittagong (East Pakistan) and in normal course staff of the ABR was appointed from the erstwhile East Pakistan basically Chittagong and Noakhali.

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Puja Activities & Timings

Sitala Puja 2021

We have decided to offer floral worship to theGoddess SITALA from 20th April to 27th April 2021 (from 6th Baishak Tuesday to 13th Baishak Tuesday 1428 according to Bengali calendar) in the same traditional way as it has been done over the years since its inception.

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